Give Hope Wings
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The crew has set several goals for this ambitious enterprise:

  • Raise $250,000 for Hope Air ( 
  • Raise awareness of Hope Air’s great service to Canadians. 
  • Promote our generous sponsors.
  • Inspire young people of any age.

The Give Hope Wings Crew wants to inspire young people - whether they’re interested in aviation or not. Dave McElroy has presented the stories of his Round the World Flight ( and Give Hope Wings to many groups over the past few years, and has found these talks can be a powerful motivator to broaden and inspire people in general and young people in particular. We, the crew, share the belief that most people are limited only by their own imaginations, and that one of the biggest constraints on many lives is an unwillingness or inability to imagine a bigger and better future for ourselves. 

We believe that the sharing of such accomplishments as Give Hope Wings, by ordinary Canadians, can be a huge eye-opener for young people – one which can help inform their life choices. Give Hope Wings crew members are committed to public speaking and communicating the Give Hope Wings story to as many Canadians as possible after mission completion. And, of course, we will communicate progress during the flight with regular visual updates via social media, in addition to live GPS tracking on