GHW Americas Expedition Impact Report
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One epic flight to launch thousands of others

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Two months, two aircraft, 20 countries, and 20,000 miles: one epic journey to launch thousands more. In 2018, the Give Hope Wings crew, Dave McElroy, Russ Airey, and Harold Fast, successfully completed their first ambitious expedition for Hope Air: they circumnavigated Central and South America and triumphantly surpassed their goal of raising $500,000, which provided 2,000 flights for medical care! 

Give Hope Wings is a vital part of Hope Air, contributing significantly to the 11,500 travel requests Hope Air fulfilled in 2018, and the 130,000+ flights arranged since 1986. These flights are often the difference between accessing medical care and going without: 29% of Hope Air’s patients report that without the charity’s assistance, they would have cancelled or rescheduled their appointments. Give Hope Wings brought healthcare within reach for low-income patients across the country.

Fundraising Success

fundraising graphicGive Hope Wings broke new fundraising ground for Hope Air. The crew tirelessly organized in their communities and appealed to their networks to donate to Hope Air, and spread the word about its cause of equal access to medical care.

Hope Air’s vision is that every patient in Canada have access to the healthcare they need, regardless of cost of distance from care. For thousands of patients across Canada, Give Hope Wings made that vision a reality.


Spreading the Word

spread the wordGive Hope Wings worked on many fronts to increase Hope Air’s profile. Access to healthcare in Canada is a serious issue, but many Canadians aren’t aware it’s an issue. To spread the word about this cause, the Give Hope Wings crew engaged patron Dr. Roberta Bondar, OC O.Ont MD PhD FRCP FRSC, to further publicize Hope Air’s mission and their efforts to support it.

The crew appeared in radio, television, newspaper, and magazine interviews. They made videos, posed for photoshoots, spoke at fundraisers, hosted fly-ins, and presented to schoolchildren and service clubs across the country. 

They leveraged their sponsors to attract more donors and gain more exposure. They recognized their donors with decals on their planes, shout-outs on social media, and branding opportunities at events. Top supporters included First Choice Haircutters, Centerline, Green Shield Canada, KalTire, HyLife, Subway, Checks n’ Balances, Fast Genetics, Kelowna International Airport, and Victoria Bullion Exchange, along with many generous individuals.
They attracted new major donors by offering the adventure of a lifetime – an opportunity to participate in the circumnavigation of Central and South America. They recruited eight key supporters to form their Volunteer Flight Crew: Peter Smith, Bob Vance, Woody Stewart, O’Brian Blackall, Ian Porter, Colin Rosengren, Craig Smith, Terry Grover.

Thanks to Give Hope Wings and their friends, sponsors, Volunteer Flight Crew, and their Patron, thousands of people were introduced to Hope Air for the first time.

Impact on Access to Healthcare

impact on healthcareThe impact of each flight arranged through Give Hope Wings resonates beyond the direct beneficiary to touch their families and communities. Hope Air estimates that for every flight arranged, 45 people benefit. This means over 90,000 people were touched by Give Hope Wings.

What's Next

Give Hope Wings has announced a new expedition to Alaska. Dave McElroy will be joined by pilots Ian Porter and Steve Drinkwater for another epic adventure. It is sure to be another amazing expedition that will bridge the gap between home and hospital for hundreds of patients.

For more information on Give Hope Wings, and their upcoming circumnavigation of Alaska, please contact Dave McElroy at 778-215-4114 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.