Volunteer Flight Crew

As a member of the Volunteer Flight Crew you will have a unique opportunity to give back to others while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Give Hope Wings and Hope Air thank our Volunteer Flight Crew (VFC) members for their generosity. As pilots and supporters – and others – you join this mission for two primary reasons:

  • You are eager to participate in this expedition to experience the adventure of your lives
  • You want to give back. Each of you are more than aware of the critical importance of the medical access flights Hope Air provides, and each one of you will fund approximately 40 flights to medical care far from home.


  • Volunteer Flight Crew members are asked to donate and/or fundraise a minimum of $10,000. This contribution will provide 40 flights to medical care for patients in financial need. Charitable donations receipts will be provided in accordance with the CRA guidance on split-receipting rules and the deemed fair market value rule.
  • All expenses including meals, accommodation, incidentals and commercial airfare from the starting point and ending point of the Give Hope Wings trip are the responsibility of the volunteer crew member.

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