Expedition Highlights

This has been one of the grandest long-term, onetime events for me. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t, and didn’t, imagine that it would have been so successful and incident-free. Think about it. Think of the shear number of times or chances things could have gone askew. Think about all the “saves". Think about all the positive aspects.

Russ Airey

Yes, this trip was so much more than we could have hoped for or expected. However, so much good happened because the trip was planned well in advance, in great detail. The bulk of that planning detail and contacting of Aeroclubs was done by Russ. One saw rather quickly why he was in senior management as logistics manager for a very large firm with many moving parts. Russ’s diligent processing of routes, stops and “what-if” scenarios contributed greatly to how well things went.

Harold Fast

We have been three equal partners in Give Hope Wings. Together we planned the trip, raised a lot of money for Hope Air and spoke to many hundreds of people between BC and Ontario. We had total solidarity throughout, and executed the mission pretty much exactly as planned - only it went immeasurably better than we could have dreamed when we conceived this journey in November, 2016. 

How could we have foreseen being adopted by the GA Community in Latin America, and being treated like royalty - particularly in Chile and Brazil? An audience with the Pope (or at least his car) in Peru? Flying in a five-ship formation in Villaricca, Chile, at the “Oshkosh of Patagonia” Airshow - and receiving an award and plaque from the Chilean General Aviation Association at their annual banquet - which we just happened in on ...

How could we have been so lucky as to participate in Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and to fly a formation aerobatic routine out of Rio with the Brazilian RV Formation Demonstration Squadron - all retired Brazilian Air Force jet pilots?

And we were so fortunate to have been steered to Hope Air. The level of support we've received from everyone at Hope Air - Doug, Staff, Board - has been overwhelming. As I have said many times, one of the things that attracted us to Hope Air was its efficiency and effectiveness.

Hope Air - we salute you for that and for what you are doing for Canadians, and I know I speak for the three of us when I say we are pleased and proud to have been fortunate enough to contribute to the cause. 

Dave McElroy

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